Cyborg X

Cyborg X chair

The legendary Cyborg Chair now has a new generation with improved design, flexibility, comfort and structure - Cyborg X

The sideboard chair has an excellent reputation as one of the best cheers for all day use, it’s patented clamshell design allows it to lay nearly flat while keeping the headrest in a comfortable position along with full breathable mesh. 

The primary and key functionality of the cyborg chair is that all of the controls are operated from under the armrest rather than under the seat pan. 

• 20 Warranty
• Revolutionary Handrest Trigger Design • Seat Slider
• 5 Point Float Design
• All-way Armrests
• Adjustable Lumbar
• Adjustable Headrest
• 400 lb Weight Capacity


 * Due to demand current lead time is 6-8 weeks. 



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