Our team will take your needs list and floor plan to create a full Design Package with 3D layout and quote within 48 hours.

Design in 48 hours

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80% of our projects are completely finished with in-stock products that can be delivered within 10 days from the time of order.

Delivery in 10 Days

Full OFFX projects are an A to Z package, from meeting with your team to discuss requirements, all the way to our white glove, professional insulation.

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Our team will take your needs list and floor plan and create a full 3-D layout and quote within 48 hours. This greatly simplifies your growth planning process.

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The Mastery is in Visualization - Let us create a free 3D layout of your space.

Creating the one perfect chair

In 2016, we were struck by the idea of one perfect chair... Turns out there’s a reason nobody else does this. It took 4 very expensive complete re-designs to reach the cyborg series.

The proof of the Original Cyborg chair was that unlike the first 3 models, these sold. However, there was still many upgrades needed. The "Cyborg X" is the sixth generation, we believe we have reached our "one perfect chair” mission. After now, having put thousands into the market we are very confident it is “the best chair ever made”.

But decide for yourself - if you don't agree, we'll give your money back.

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You can place 6 meeting pods in the space of the smallest ADA compliant conference room, and these are easily moved as your space requirement change, maintaining your investment.

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Collaborate with Us to Design Your Ideal Workspace, Complete with 3D Renderings, Enhanced Workflow Solutions, and Expert Installation

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Elevate Your Workspace

Have our design team take your 2D floor plan and bring it to life with a 3D visual Rendering in 48 hours.

Space Planning
"Best investment ever! The CYBORG X Chair is like sitting on a cloud. The controls are intuitive, and I no longer experience any discomfort even after long hours at my desk."

Michael R.

"I'm in love with my CYBORG X Chair! It's so plush and supportive. My back feels much better, and the adjustable features make it easy to customize for maximum comfort."

Jessica H.

"I've tried many office chairs, but none compare to the CYBORG X. It's like sitting in a luxury vehicle – comfortable, supportive, and easy to adjust."

Isaiah M.


Emily L.

Simplified our office setup

Boost workstations simplified our office setup immensely. The process from ordering to installation was seamless. Their customer support team was friendly and helpful whenever we had questions.

Sarah D.

Impressed with our Office Pod

Absolutely impressed with our office pod from OFFX! The installation was a breeze - it practically assembled itself. The customer support team was fantastic, guiding us through the process effortlessly. Plus, the warranty gives us peace of mind.

Brian P.

Ordering was seamless

We love our new training tables from OFFX! The whole process, from ordering to installation, was seamless. It's refreshing to work with a company that values customer satisfaction.