Cove Room Pod

Sale price$54,170.52

The Cove Room Pod provides a spacious solution for open-plan offices. Take advantage of the small office footprint with enhanced soundproof privacy and workspace flexibility. Designed for meetings and collaborative team work, this expertly constructed meeting room pod is built with eco-friendly recycled materials and integrated airflow, power, and lighting. With maximum comfort and soundproof quality, your team can gather and create without disruption and zero construction. 

  • Fits Up to 5 People
  • Perfect for Meetings and Collaborative Work
  • Motion Sensor for Energy Savings
  • Self-Closing Tempered Glass Door
  • TV Mount option
  • Optional Sofa Set
  • Fraction of the Cost of Traditional Construction
  • Quick and Easy Assembly

Exterior Dimensions: 
Room Pod: W 94.5" x D 85.63" x H 94"

Interior Dimensions:
Room Pod: W 87.88" x D 86.63" x H 79.88"

Exterior: Electro-galvanized Steel Exterior
Acoustic: 100% Polyester

Acoustic Rating:
Speech level reduction of 28.3 dB

Motion Sensor:
LED lighting and ventilation system are motion-sensor activated; they will turn off after 5 minutes of inactivity

Room Pod: 393 m3/h airflow rate; 43 ACH

Input 110-240 VAC, 10A, 50-60Hz
Charging Ports: 45W PD

Optional Sofa Set: No
Exterior Finish: Matte Black