Oasis Linear Duo Pod

Sale price$19,734.00


Two heads are better than one! Space for collaboration or private one-to-ones are always hard to find in a modern, open plan office environment but Oasis Linear Duo Pod is the ideal solution. It’s ideal for hot desking, interviews, group work or for closing yourself off for some uninterrupted quiet work time.

Fully enclosed with a full ceiling and a glazed rear wall, the pod stays light, airy and fresh, yet privacy is all yours. With no compromise on comfort, the pod includes top of the range acoustically absorbent materials, a LED ceiling light, air circulation and a passive infrared sensor. As a modular system, Oasis Linear Duo Pod can be adapted to specifically satisfy your needs. It stands directly on the floor, with no base, making it quick to install and easy to relocate. It’s equally at home in an open plan office, breakout area, or reception.

Options include a latch handle door and veneer or laminate exteriors. In addition, technology features such as a 10" touch screen control interface, multimedia options and power units are also available.