Oasis Soft Booth

Sale price$16,353.00

The Oasis Soft Booth is an open-fronted booth, with a distinctive and functional louver ceiling design which is available in Duo and Team size options. This semi-private space can be used for multiple purposes from impromptu meetings to informal break- out.


  • Size: 100in x 45in x 91in (w,d,h) Interior size: 94in x 39in x 85in (w,d,h)


  • Small, Size: 100in x 61in x 91in (w,d,h) Interior size: 94in x 55in x 85in (w,d,h)
  • Large, Size: 92in x 92in x 91in (w,d,h) Interior size: 86in x 86in x 85in (w,d,h)