Oasis Soft Phone Booth

Sale price$14,333.00

The Oasis Soft Phone Booth provides the perfect peaceful space for a phone call or video conference, giving you absolute calm, and total privacy.

The fully enclosed Phone Booth includes top of the range acoustically absorbent materials, ambient lighting and air circulation fan controlled by a 7” touch screen control interface. With a hydraulic door, they give a silent retreat for uninterrupted focus.

This self-contained booth comes upholstered in tactile fabric, with a softly curving design for a homely feel. As it stands directly on the floor, with no base, it is quick to install and easy to relocate.

Optional extras include a desk, perch seat, and stylish louvered ceiling. Extra technology options include Skype, Chromecast file sharing and an app controlled booking system.


  •  Size: 38in x 38in x 89in (w,d,h)
  • Interior size: 32in x 32in x 83in (w,d,h)
  • Door: 3/8in toughened glass, pivot hinged door, lever handle, silver anodized aluminum frame


Internal features

  • Acoustic lined panels
  • Enclosed acoustic ceiling with LED panel Passive infra-red sensor
  • Air circulation fan
Color: Likeness
Door: Right Hand